Probably the best word in the English language,
a word that so many take offence at.
It can be true profanity when made into a sandwich.
Between words like: fucking and this-and-that.

Why would so many not see its benefits?
The way it can be the most appropriate retort.
These offended nuts get right on my tits.
Once one has the C,N,T then the U has to be bought.

It is perfect when said with whimsy and tart rebuke.
A must, to out, those that are selfish and obsessed.
When one has seen a sight that makes one puke.
Or to tell some park pervert to get dressed.

Politicians bring this the word to the fore daily,
when they spout their nonsense and lies.
In jokes it is expressed playfully.
With hatred, it is said with the eyes.

Whether you are one with malice,
or with a humorous air to cause affront.
From the poorhouse to the palace.
At some point, everyone is a cunt.


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