Nigel Farage.

Oh Nigel Farage.

I remember your barrage.

Abusing mr Hermen Van Rompuy.

Saying he wasn’t a man in who’s who.


How you stand for anti-EU.

Yet won’t say what you would do.

While taking a nice wage,

and pretending to be in rage.


Your party is UKIP,

don’t mind if I quip.

That it’s a front for your ego,

where you can pretend to say no.


We all know about you acts,

you posh boy, who hides the facts.

That you’re in it for yourself.

While sanity is left on the shelf.


Oh Farage, you deceive.

leading the naive to believe.

That under you we would be free.

Of that rotten EU bureaucracy.


But we all know what’s true,

and that it’s all about you.

A man with a face to sink a ship,

and a mouth minus a top lip.


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  1. Earl Twitterbloom the Second.
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 01:28:04



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